The Vale Group

Group is a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. We also build custom cabinets and fit them into your interior space.

The kitchen is the heart

of each home. It’s the room where you seek physical and spiritual nourishment.


It’s important to keep your kitchen well-arranged and organized. With the right kitchen cabinets, you can organize your space and keep it clutter-free.

Custom kitchen cabinets can be the focal point of interest in your cooking area, making them a must-have. Your cabinets can be as simple as boxes fitted with doors, shelves and drawers.

The Vale Group offers kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. We design durable modern kitchen cabinets that reflect the personality of the homeowner.

Although you’ll find kitchen cabinet designs at your local store to be cheaper, we offer better value with custom-made cabinets. Most homeowners opt for our tailor-made kitchen cabinets due to the added advantage they bring to your kitchen or bathroom.

Consider your options before making the decision to buy kitchen cabinets online.

Why Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinets are the cornerstone of any modern kitchen and thus a wise investment for any home. Despite cabinets being boxes made up of drawers, shelves and doors, they’re important kitchen furniture.

Therefore, just like any other furniture in your home, you want attractive cabinets that’ll elevate the look of your kitchen and home at large. We build solid kitchen and bathroom cabinets that reflects your personality and style for a personal look and touch.

We make sure that the cabinets we build for your home add unique elegance and unmatched quality to your interior space. This guarantees that your home will stand out from the rest in your neighborhood. And, you get nothing less with our custom cabinetry.

Our team of talented and skilled craftsmen handcraft our cabinets to give them a unique personality. This ensures that we only deliver durable and attractive cabinets for your interior space.

We understand that the job of making cabinets is an art. And, our artisans take their work seriously, atop loving what they do. This ensures they deliver amazing work each time we deliver a home project.

We use only top notch construction material in the industry to build custom cabinets. And, together with the expertise of our experienced cabinet makers, our custom cabinets are nothing like what you’ll find in assembly line stock cabinets.

Why Choose the Vale Group Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Choosing kitchen or bathroom cabinets can be rewarding and exciting for any homeowner. However, beginners or new homeowners may find it overwhelming to go through the many options available to choose something that’s ideal for their homes.

We make our cabinets differently because no two homeowners are the same, and so is their personality and home designs. The choice of cabinets (custom, semi-custom and stock) determine the style, design, cost and quality of your finished interior space.

If you’re wondering whether to opt for our custom cabinetry services or not, here’re a few reasons to get you decided:

custom cabinetry services

Multiple door and color options

Our custom cabinets give you lots of door finish (color) and style options. This is key to giving your kitchen or bathroom an attractive visual look because it’ll be the focal point of your room’s beauty.

We allow homeowners to color match their cabinets to a desired finish or color. We also offer unlimited cabinet door styles to match your unique preferences and style.

We can also blend different door construction elements (panel, framing bead, edge and rails/stiles) to create something unique for your interior space. It also makes sure that your cabinets reflect your taste and personality.

Make a bold statement in your kitchen or bathroom

With our custom cabinets, you get access to embellishments, wood carvings, custom mullion doors and varied types of paneling (like bead board) and moldings. These non-functional details are bound to make your kitchen appear impressive and distinct.

We factory finish your products in our workshop and ensure that we give it unmatched finish and quality build. We also fabricate and modify valance details, legs, custom hood, turnings, brackets, etc. on your existing cabinets when doing remodeling projects.

We build truly unique kitchen and bathroom cabinets based on the drawings our designers create. Our unique furniture will make your home a truly unique property.

Access to unlimited storage

solutions and space​ Every inch counts in the plan of a kitchen. We build custom cabinets to any size to ensure there’s enough space left in your kitchen or bathroom. We add counter space and storage in the additional inches to improve your existing design.

Our custom cabinetry services ensures that you get enough storage space and use available space efficiently. We also integrate various types of hardware, slides, pull outs and hinges you’ll not find in any stock or semi-custom cabinets.

For instance, we can make kitchen cabinets with bi-fold hinges or pocket doors to enable you hide your toaster on the counter while still having easy access to it when necessary. The bi-fold hinges or pocket doors tuck away when you want to access your appliance or stay closed when there’s no need to access it.

Premium quality

We pride in using the best wood, durable finishes and quality construction practices to develop an important piece of furniture and storage solution for your kitchen or bathroom.
We also offer exceptional attention to detail and unmatched customer service, adding to the quality of our services.
We build custom cabinetry for the U.S. market. We’ve been in the industry for decades and build signature cabinets for kitchen and bathrooms. Our team takes pride in what they do.

Detailed finish

Custom cabinets also add details and precision into your interior space. You’ll appreciate the details if you’ve got a keen eye. We alter cabinet widths and heights, ensuring that all details are aligned.

For instance, the style of your drawers and doors, and cabinet configuration and height determine whether your drawers and doors will align or not.

But, our custom cabinetry services alter rail and stile width that make up the frame of your cabinets to ensure that everything is in line. This is something you’ll only find in custom cabinets.



The Vale Group is a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. We also build custom cabinets and fit them into your interior space. We ensure that homeowners have their dream kitchens and bathrooms while increasing the value of their properties.

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