Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Maintaining a clean cooking environment is essential for relishing your time in the kitchen. While it may not be your favorite chore, regular cleaning will save you a lot of physical and mental stress.

So how do you ensure your kitchen is squeaky clean even if you have a busy schedule or you feel sluggish about it?  Let’s break it down so you can enjoy the benefits of a clean kitchen:

1. Clean

The blunder of amassing dirty dishes and utensils is a factor that deters a lot of people from cleaning. To make things easier for you, in the long run, cultivate the habit of washing your dishes and disposing of the food remnants immediately after eating. Arrange all the plates after washing and drain the dishwasher subsequently. 

2. Clean Spills Immediately

No matter how hard we try, no one is ever shot of spills while cooking. So clean tints and molds immediately they occur.

When food spills, employ a cloth or spoon to erase solid waste. Use a fabric to clean sauces and leftover liquids. Moreover, moisturize the space with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe afterward. 

To clean a spill associated with raw meat, get a disinfecting spray to clean the dirt to deter bacteria spread. Moreover, don’t overlook the mess on the floor to avoid slipping.

3. Clear Dishwasher

Keeping your dishwasher full ends up filling the sink with dishes. So clear the dishwasher after cleaning your plates and utensils. Then, return the washed dishes to the appropriate spots.

4. Clear Countertops

You must keep the countertops empty to create a sense of orderliness in your kitchen. This measure will enable you to have more space for cooking and performing other activities.

To clear your countertops, follow the tips below:

  • Arrange coffee makers, toasters, and other small devices in cupboards
  • Establish an area where you can store irregular items in the kitchen, such as papers, pen, and mails
  • Create a durable dwelling for pans, pots, and other kitchenware
  • Keep everyday ingredients such as spices, sugar, and flour in the pantry

5. Clean Garbage Disposal Daily

Want to get rid of foul smell and dangerous bacteria in your kitchen? Clean the waste disposal at least weekly.

You can tidy your garbage disposal by:

  • Putting vinegar in an ice cube tray
  • Spraying baking soda into the garbage disposer
  • Allowing water to run into the garbage disposal
  • Dropping the frozen vinegar cubes into the garbage disposal
  • Allowing the disposal to run till the cubes and baking soda disappear

6. Utilize Shelf Liners in Your Drawers and Cupboards

Drawers liners, and shelf liners are effective in keeping your kitchen clean. Moreover, you can clean and replace them effortlessly. Place the shelf liners in pantries where you conserve edibles. To clean the liners, clear the shelf and moisturize the liners with an all-purpose cleaner. Then dry with a clean handkerchief. Ensure that the liner is dry before returning commodities to the shelf

7. Clean Freezer and Refrigerator

A refrigerator is an appliance that helps to store your edibles. So it’s essential to keep it tidy at all times. Clean spills immediately and extract all the food in the fridge and freezer to clean shelves, drawers, and interior with an all-purpose cleaner. Allow the inner surfaces to dry before returning food.

8. Sweep Floor

Kitchen floors are no exemption from the havoc that occurs in the kitchen. To keep crumbs, dust, and other dirt away, sweep the floor every morning or evening. Endeavor to mop the kitchen floor on weekends to retain its glamour.

9. Wash Hands

Hand washing before and after cooking is necessary while in the kitchen. Remember to wash your hands after handling raw meat such as great venison, poultry or fish, to avoid the spread of bacteria from the food to other elements in your home.

Use soap for half a minute to wash your hands and rinse same under running water. Ensure to rub your nails underneath and between your fingers. After rinsing, dry your hands with a clean towel.

10. Decide Your Cleaning Days

When you establish a day for performing specific chores in the kitchen, it becomes easy to remember and clean.

Moreover, design when to do certain daily chores in the kitchen such as sweeping and washing the dishes. This organization will help spring you into action.

11. Clean Oven

Always wipe your oven after it cools off after use. Otherwise, coat the interior surfaces with a thick layer of soda and water bicarbonate and then scrub with warm water and scourer in the morning.

After learning all of the above ways to ensure you have a clean kitchen, endeavor to adhere to each tip to have a swell time in the kitchen.