How to Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing

How to Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing

Do you dream of a relaxing bathroom where you can unwind daily? If you answered yes, you’re in the right place.

You can transform your bathroom into a home spa to enjoy your alone-time at the end of each day when you return from work.

Ranging from the increasing popularity of minimalist home living to sky-rocketing home prices, there’re many reasons many homeowners make-do with small bathrooms.

Despite the size of your bathroom, you can transform it into a relaxing and rejuvenating oasis of luxury.

Unlike larger bathroom spaces, tighter spaces are easier to update and revamp. And, even the tiniest of updates make a significant impact on the general look of your bathroom.

What’s important is getting to know the essentials to update and attain your desired relaxing bathroom atmosphere. You can upgrade your bathroom appliances, remove clutter, and add a few decorative touches to attain your stylish and comfortable spa-like space.

Whether you’ve revamped your space before or trying it for the first-time, here’re a few tips to rethink your bathroom for an ultimate spa-like experience at home:

12 Tips to Transform Your Bathroom into a Haven of Relaxation

Add lighting to brighten your space

Bathrooms are generally small. Therefore, you can add a window or knock out a wall to bring in more natural light and make it more spacious.

Dim lighting can leave your space looking smaller and tight. Install mirrors to reflect natural light and make your space look larger. The mirrors can also reflect your bathroom fixtures for an appealing look.

You’ll end up with an open and airy space.

Bring in some house plants

Plants are beautiful and functional. Opt for water plants that thrive in humid settings to create an oasis of relaxation in your bathroom. They lower stress and anxiety, and can improve your mood for heightened relaxation.

Choose hanging plants, vines, air plants, or glass terrariums if you lack counter space to hold potted plants. Plants release oxygen into the atmosphere to purify the air, leaving you with whimsy and relaxing space for a fresher look and feel.

Add textured tiles

Install textured tiles or stones on your bathroom walls to give your space some texture. They nicely contrast softer surfaces and colors and add interest to your bathroom.

With the right texture on your walls or any other surface, expect tranquility and calm in your bathroom for easy relaxation. This is also a great way to hide flaws for a cleaner look.

Buy a beautiful bath caddy

A glass of wine and a book in hand can also make for a relaxing bathing experience. In this case, you need a set of bath caddy to hold your wine essentials over the bathtub.

If you’re working on a tight budget, make a DIY caddy and personalize it for a unique experience.

De-clutter your bathroom

Cluttered bathroom spaces are chaotic and stressful. Use basket organizers to hide your essentials out of sight. Add a rustic and cozy touch indoors with natural, woven baskets. Tuck the baskets away in bathroom cabinets or display them on shelves or open cabinets for heightened appeal.

Roll your towels for display

Roll your bathroom towels to ensure they take up less storage space, atop giving a spa-like feel and look. Display the towels on shelves or baskets hang on the wall to complement your general theme. It can also save on storage space.

Paint soft pastels on your bathroom walls

Paint soft color pastels on your wall. Bathrooms easily peel, fade, and get dirty over time. Actually, this is the nature of painting. A new coat of paint is bound to give your bathroom an attractive and clean look.

Breathe new life into your bathing space using soft pastels or white color shades.

Install portable speakers

Music is relaxing and therapeutic. Get a high-quality portable and waterproof speaker to install in your bathroom. Sync the speaker to your phone and make sure it’s waterproof to prevent damages.

Install your speakers all over the bathroom to listen to your favorite music. Relax to soothing music when bathing or using your bathroom.

Pamper yourself with a showerhead massager

Upgrade your showerhead with a showerhead massager. Built with multiple settings, the shower heads are easy to use and allow for luxurious showers if you don’t have a tub.

Choose a high-pressure, waterfall, or hand-held shower head based on your style and unique needs. Alternatively, consider whether hyperice is worth it for your massage needs.

A rain shower head

Replace your ordinary shower head with a rain shower head for unmatched luxury. Unscrew your current showerhead and attach it to the rain shower head.

Unlike traditional showerheads, modern ones are wider. Moreover, you can use them while standing in a rainstorm.

Create a relaxing ambiance with dim lights

Get dimmer switches for a relaxing mood. Light candles, dim your existing lights to create the right ambiance in your bathroom.

Complete dim lighting with a bubble bath for total relaxation. You can also opt for bulbs with lower wattage to get a similar effect in your bathroom.

Indulge in aromatherapy

Find a suitable essential oil to melt your worries away. Use a diffuser to diffuse the oils into the air for the essence of sweet scents. You’ll relax while bathing and give your bathing space a sweet scent.

Diffusers with switches will allow you to use them only as necessary to save on your essential oils. You’ll reduce stress and manage pain to relax both your mind and body.