Types of Cabinets and Shelves to Organize Your Home

Cabinets and shelves are categorized based on use, material, and installation or fixing style.

As technology evolve and home renovations become modern and smarter, shelves and cabinets can’t be replaced. Instead, they also evolve in design, shape and general look.

Cabinets and shelves have been used in homes since time immemorial. They’re handy in storing things such as clothes, books, toys, and food items, among other things that tend to clutter your home. The storage systems help with keeping your home tidy, neat and organized.


Proper storage systems also help beautify and decorate your interior space for enhanced appeal. You can display attractive chinaware, ornaments and adornments you’d probably keep away from view.

The first shelf designed in the 8th century was merely a pivoted slab with a vertical surface. Today, shelves and cabinets vary in types to suit the varied needs out there.

This article covers only a few shelves and cabinets you may use to organize your home. Otherwise, the list of these storage solutions is long. Here’re some common storage and organization solutions for your home:

  • Suspended or fixed bracket shelves

Fixed bracket shelves are common atop being the oldest type of shelves on the market. Inverted, L-shaped metal brackets are used to fix the shelves onto walls and other vertical surfaces. Anything that attaches to walls using brackets fall under this category.

Other types of fixed bracket shelves include:

  • Cube shelves
  • Open storage shelves
  • Bookshelves

The versatile nature of bracket shelves allows them to hold various items in storage or display. They’re made up of a single stand-alone storage unit or several shelves installed together to create a multi-storage unit.

Moreover, you can use them in any room in your house, ranging from living rooms to kitchens. Bracket shelves are made from different materials and styles to suit your unique taste, style, and preferences. The materials include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic

The shelves come pre-assembled ready for installation or in separate parts (shelves, cabinets, racks, and brackets) for you to assemble together before installing them. Unlike floating shelves, fixed bracket systems have visible points of suspension (brackets). In floating shelves, they’re concealed.

Brackets are made from wrought-iron or carved wood in stylish designs for enhanced appeal indoors. This shelving system is both functional stylish to complement your interior décor.

  • Roll out drawers

Built into cabinets, this is an interior drawer that’s designed for pull-out to access items in storage. The drawers often find use in kitchens to store pans, pots, small appliances, lids, and other kitchen items.

Roll-out drawers make it easy to access the contents of your large cabinets. It gives you a complete overview of the items in storage and keeps your kitchen organized.

  • Floating shelves

Floating shelves are stylish and classy. Also known as torsion-box shelves, they’re extraordinary in organization and storage. They turn your items in storage into beautiful and unique pieces of interior décor.

Just like fixed bracket shelves, they’re made in various shapes and designs. They’re secured onto walls or vertical surfaces. Floating shelves hide the screws and nails used for installation for a clean look, making them perfect for modern interiors. This gives the shelves a faux impression of “floating” in air.

Engineered wood is often used to build floating shelves and give them a fancier and more refined finish. Internal nails, screws, and brackets are used for installation to hold the different racks together and mount them on walls.

Floating shelves are available in various sizes, colors, and styles to suit your unique needs. However, unlike other storage solutions, they’re both functional for use in storage and to display interior décor pieces.

If you have a game room or own indoor gaming gear such as those on Ping Pong Perfect, you can display them on floating shelves for an improved appeal. With your gear in proper storage and the fact that the site has made the rules easy to understand, you can play anytime you want.

  • Cutlery dividers

Drawers used in kitchens to store cutlery are usually disorganized and cluttered with all kinds of cooking utensils all over the units. Cooking lovers usually own various types of cooking utensils, hence the need for proper organization.

Use a cutlery divider to arrange and organize your cutlery for easy access when needed. They also make your cabinets look tidy and neat.

  • Built-in shelves

Built-in shelves are highly functional and simpler in design to offer more storage space for your items. They’re built into empty spaces or corners. You can easily convert alcoves into built-in shelves for storage or display purposes.

Designed for simple installation, you only have to fix planks of wood horizontally in wall recesses. This takes a few minutes. Otherwise, buy specially-built or custom shelves for a sophisticated and more refined look on your indented walls.

Built-in shelves optimize storage space and can be fixed on various places in your house, ranging from fireplace recess and chimney breast recess to the top of protruding wall cabinets, open compact spaces, or alcoves.

Although the size of your built-in shelves depends on the space available in your installation area, their flexibility allows you to play around with shelf sizes within the available limit. Depending on the installation space available, you can fix this type of shelf at varied angles to make use of the space.

You can also install multiple racks together to vary the depth and width of your shelves. Place a piece of furniture or a seat below the built-in shelves for increased appeal and functionality.

  • Pull-out pantry base cabinets

This cabinet solution can store various things in your home kitchen. Install it next to your cooktop and use it to hold your cooking spices and oils.

You can also fit it near your oven for easy access to your baking items. Get creative with this pantry to give your kitchen a clean, organized look and enhanced appeal.

  • Corner shelves

Available in various designs and styles, corner shelves optimize storage space. They can also fit in various places due to their adjustable nature. Customize your shelves for a personal and unique touch. The durability and lifespan of your corner shelves depend on the materials used on them. They include:

Install them in your wardrobe or coffee table corners in floor styles or next to kitchen cabinets in wall-hang styles for space capitalization.

They make idle corners in your house purposeful and give you easy access to items in storage. Types of corner shelves include:

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Fixed shelves
  • Angular shelves
  • Curved shelves
  • Rotating shelves
  • Right-angled shelves


You can use these cabinets and shelves in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even your kids’ playing room. It the functional enough to hold and store your items while giving your home an enhanced appeal. Choose the right cabinet or shelf based on your unique needs and installation space available.